SNB has been active in the German-Nordic Lawyers Association (DNJV) for many years and is increasingly involved in legal relations with Nordic and Baltic countries. We are therefore particularly pleased that our colleague Johannes Thies has now been elected as the new managing director of the DNJV.

Thanks to the German-Finnish Chamber of Industry & Commerce for organizing a once more excellent conference in Hamburg touching some of the most pressing topics of these days (twin transition). We were glad sharing insights with experts, entrepreneurs and professionals from both Finland and Germany on the issues of digitalization and sustainability.



In the current edition of the JUVE Handbook of Commercial Law Firms, SNB has once again been recognized as one of the leading commercial law firms for the region of Northern Germany as well as (nationwide) in the area of Energy Law/Regulation. We are very pleased and thank all those who recommended us and our services.

Faced with the loss of sales revenue related to different kinds of supply chain disruptions in Vietnam, companies need to be informed on the tax system and notably on the relief and exemptions available in Vietnam.

Following the re-opening of the country for international tourists, Vietnam is an interesting market for the travel industry. Travellers can book through international providers or directly with local operators. In our latest newsletter, we explain the legal framework for tourism in Vietnam, and also address the permitted forms of activity for international travel operators.

According to a press release of the BAG on the ruling dated 13.09.2022 (Ref.: 1 ABR 22/21), Section 3 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act obliges employers to introduce a system for recording the working hours worked by employees.

In our latest newsletter we highlight the latest draft of the Chinese Government Procurement Law. The involvement of state-owned companies and the "Buy-Chinese Policy" are probably the most important key issues here.

With its revision effecting as of 01.08.2022, the legislation has implemented additional legal requirements in the Evidence Act for the content of new employment contracts. Breaches against the new requirements can be fined with amounts up to € 2,000.00.

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