Energy and Infrastructure

The energy sector, just like other infrastructures, is of the utmost importance for the functioning of any modern industrialized society. A stable supply of electricity and gas, water and heating, modern communication systems, excellent road networks, rails and ports are preconditions for prosperity. The relevant legal framework is subject to constant change. Conflicting interests are to be consolidated and aligned, time and again. This incurs considerable challenges for businesses operating in the energy sector. We provide guidance for our clients in order to overcome and resolve such challenges. In this regard, we combine our energy law expertise with our know-how and experiences in the fields of IT law, data protection, contract drafting as well as procurement law. Our clients also benefit from our specific industry knowledge, gained through our longstanding activities in and for the energy sector.


We provide legal advice and representation for operators of power and gas distribution grids with regard to all energy law-related issues. This particularly comprises issues like unbundling, market regulation, way-leave including concession competition as well as the laws on renewable energy and cogeneration of heat and power. In all such areas, questions related to the digitization of energy transition are coming up higher on the agenda. The same applies for the integration of hydrogen into the energy supply system and the development of new business models. Here too, we comprehensively advise our clients, always under consideration of the general target of a progressing sector coupling.


In a deregulated energy market, the distribution of power and gas is independent from grid operations. As regards energy supply, our service portfolio comprises the drafting of supply contracts as well as the representation of our clients’ interests in case of disputes resulting from such contacts, throughout all levels of the supply chain. Besides that, we also represent our clients in unfair competition disputes.


New mobility concepts such as electric mobility usually involve numerous different market players, which interact with each other in different roles. The conclusion and execution of contracts as well as the transmission of relevant date is supports by software-based platform. In the basis of our longstanding experience in IT law, we advise clients in the field of E-mobility, in particular in connection with contract drafting and other legal issues related to such platforms. By connecting our expertise in Energy law with our experiences in contract drafting, we can also provide advice in the form of clarifying legal issues related to innovative business models of energy providers. The same applies with regard to other innovative business fields in the energy sector, such as hydrogen-based mobility concepts or data collection, transmission and processing via sensors, LoRaWAN radio networks and IoT platforms.


We support heat suppliers as well as local councils in connection with the development and implementation of supply concepts and the operation of heat-producing plants. This particularly comprises the public procurement of heat concessions, the drafting of supply contracts including price adjustment clauses and the enforcement of claims resulting from heat supplies. Comparable questions come-up with regard to water supply.


Just like in the field of energy supply, the legal framework for Telecommunications has substantially changed through the deregulation of markets. Our portfolio in the area of telecommunications particularly includes public procurement law, telecommunications law, data protection law as well as unfair competition law and the enforcement of contractual claims.


The planning and construction of power plants incurs different legal issues, including general civil law aspects as well as specific energy law-related questions. By setting-up teams including both energy law specialists as well as experienced contract lawyers, we are able to comprehensively advise our clients when drafting and negotiating respective contracts – both in relation to principals and in relation to subcontractors. Our portfolio in this field is complemented by procurement law know-how.


In order to provide comprehensive guidance for our clients, we regularly cooperate with our colleagues from other areas of expertise. This particularly applies for our corporate, employment law and insolvency specialists. SNB also provides support with regard to project financing.




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