IN THE ERA OF DIGITALISATION: INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY no longer has anything to do with “New Economy”. Information technology and all associated aspects of information security and DATA PRIVACY are at present amongst the fundamental topics which every company has to deal with. We advise primarily suppliers – but also users – of information technology at the drafting and negotiation of contracts and accompany complex IT projects – if necessary also their winding up after disturbances in the project. IT law and, more particularly, contract drafting, is subject to a permanent change, such as the comprehensive transition from software purchasing and maintenance to cloud solutions and software as a service. We are committed to contributing a basic understanding for the technical and organisational bases of information technology.

The handling of personal data is relevant for almost any company, in particular with a view to customer and employee data. In the wake of the entry into force of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) there is a need for adjustment in every company. In this connection data privacy cannot, however, be considered in isolation but is related to information and system security within the company.

In our daily practice we deal with:


In our daily practice we deal with:

  • Drafting and negotiation of IT contracts and standard terms and conditions
  • Accompaniment of complex IT projects from the LOI to the rough concept and development and subsequent licensing
  • Advice at the design of new business concepts and licence models, eg for community solutions
  • Representation in disputes, eg after the failure of projects
  • Adjustment of company processes to the new data privacy law




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