Our partner and member of boards of experts to the South-East Asia and China IPR SME Helpdesks, Dr. Jörg-Michael Scheil, co-hosted a webinar titled “Protecting your IP at Trade Fairs”, the recording of which is now available on demand.

Our partner, Dr. Jörg-Michael Scheil, authored an article titled “Chancen und rechtliche Beschränkungen im vietnamesischen Gesundheitsmarkt” (Opportunities and legal restrictions in the Vietnamese healthcare market), that was published by Insight Asia-Pacific (IAP), a magazine of the East Asian Association (OAV).

As a result of the Corona-Crisis, working in Home Office has become increasingly attractive to many companies and their employees.

The Corona crisis poses challenges for the whole world, including legal challenges. SNB has taken all the necessary measures to stand by your side during the corona crisis. We have made provisions to ensure our ability to work and our availability for you in the coming period.

At this year's spring meeting of the International Advisory Group (IAG) from 20.02.2020 to 23.02.2020 in Zurich our firm was represented by our colleagues Martin Stangl, Bastian Siemsglüß and Nils Bräuninger.

We are pleased that SNB - Schulz Noack Bärwinkel has been able to further strengthen itself through the third partner in our Hamburg energy law department, Mr. Andreas Bremer.

On 01.01.2020, some significant changes to the Money Laundering Act came into force. Already since October 2017, legal entities under private law and registered partnerships have been obliged to notify their beneficial owners electronically for entry in the transparency register (

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