For our client RCP Technik Verwaltungs-GmbH, owner of, inter alia, the trademark rights in respect of ROLLEI and ROLLEIFLEX for photo cameras and accessories, the IP team of SNB Shanghai has won a victory against trademark grabbers in China. The ROLLEI brand is known throughout the world and looks back on a long tradition in the photo industry established since the 1920s. It is particularly appreciated by lovers of photo cameras.

In the trademark opposition proceedings before the Chinese Trademark Office we ensured on behalf of our client that the Chinese Trademark Office rejected the opponent’s application for a trademark registration which is identical with the known ROLLEI trademark. The Trademark Office argued that the trademark ROLLEI of our client has obtained awareness for photo cameras and accessories in China and that the opponent has taken over the trademark even down to the design for himself. This opposition decision shows that it is possible to successfully go against trademark grabbers in China; they frequently apply for the registration of identical trademarks for themselves in order to leverage the awareness of foreign trademarks.

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