For our client Börner Kunststoff- und Metallwarenfabrik GmbH and Börner Distribution International GmbH, owners of the trademarks in respect of BORNER (kitchen appliances to process food and vegetables), the IP team of SNB Shanghai has won another victory against trademark grabbers in China. Börner has been designing and producing kitchen appliances for more than 60 years in Germany.

We ensured that the Chinese Trademark Office rejected the opponent’s application for a trademark registration because its use would have caused confusion amongst the target group concerning the origin of the products. This shows that the opponent’s trademark was identified as an imitation of the BORNER trademark of our client which has already gained a certain reputation in China.

Altogether this opposition procedure shows again that it is possible in China to go successfully against trademark grabbers who frequently apply for the registration of identical trademarks for themselves, in order to leverage the awareness of foreign trademarks for themselves.

In dealing with the case SNB co-operated with patent lawyer Dr. Wagner of trierpatent who co-ordinates the IP cases of the client in Germany.

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