Dr. Jörg-Michael Scheil’s article titled „Better protection for designs patents” available for download

Our partner, Dr. Jörg-Michael Scheil authored an article titled „A better protection for designs patents”, that was published in the magazine Märkte der Welt.

Exactly ten years ago, the Beijing Intermediary court ordered the Chinese bus manufacturer Zonda to pay over 20 million yuan in damages for infringement of Neoplan’s design patent. This case, in which Neoplan was represented by SNB and that was discussed by IP experts all around the world, proves that design patents play a very important role in industry; correspondingly, counterfeiting can considerably harm success of original products. Dr. Scheil’s contribution provides a summary of the most important practical aspects that need to be considered when protecting design of industrial products in China.

Should you have any questions on this or any other topic relating to intellectual property in China, please feel free to contact us.

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