Book titled “Food Labelling in China and Vietnam” recently released

SNB Asia Practice is delighted to announce that the latest book, written by our Partner Dr. Jörg-Michael Scheil, entitled “Food Labelling in China and Vietnam” has recently been published by Behr’s Verlag and is now available for purchase in English.

Unlike in other jurisdictions – such as for example within the European Union, where food law and related labelling requirements are readily available in all languages of the Member States – regulations are much harder to trace, research, comprehend and interpret in China and Vietnam. In addition, due to lack of commentaries, text books and reliable reference materials on the subject, importers are often unfamiliar with rules they need to adhere to in the region, which exposes them to legal liabilities.

The aim of Dr. Scheil’s book therefore is to fill this void by providing vital information and details that every importer should be aware of, prior to engaging in the import of food products into China and Vietnam. Besides describing relevant import procedures and labelling requirements illustrated by numerous detailed examples, further crucial topics, such as food advertisement, consumer protection laws and recall mechanisms are examined in the book.

Accordingly, this highly topical guide will be invaluable to anyone who intends to distribute food products in China and in Vietnam. Please follow the below link to purchase your own copy online:

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